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We could have paid for the Portland Loo in what we’re spending for repairs and maintenance on the existing facility. Having seen the Portland Loos that are in Nanaimo and in Bastion Square in Victoria and some other locations, had council made the decision five or six years ago to purchase this, we probably could have paid for it just in what we’re spending in repairs and maintenance of the existing facility,” Adams says. “But
The others couldn’t ensure the safety we needed. One of the key things in regard to downtown washroom facilities that you’re seeing throughout North America is the ability for sight lines, ensuring the safety of the people using the washroom but also ensuring that if people are inside the washroom and are unconscious, people can see into the washroom,” Brooks said when asked why staff were recommending awarding the contract to the higher bidder. “We
You can see enough to help prevent crime and keep the place clean. You can see feet and determine if there is more than one person in there for crime prevention reasons,” Broad said. “No water source inside, so they can’t bathe in there. The place to clean their hands is outside. Reading seeks state grant to make repairs to downtown courtyards / Published in Reading Eagle

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