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“This is going to mean that people have a place to go to the bathroom, which is a fundamental human right as much as food or shelter, which [the homeless] didn’t have guaranteed to them before.”
“The Portland Loo, a unique, patented outdoor bathroom that inspires such worship in its fanbase you’d think that Steve Jobs himself had designed it. This adoration comes despite the fact that the 24-hour loo was built to be as inhospitable as possible. This toilet does not want to be loved, but in Portland, it is No. 1 (and, presumably, sometimes No. 2 as well).” Why Portland’s Public Toilets Succeeded Where others Failed / Published in
“Location 5/5”

Lyndz Paul – Google Review 5 Stars

Posted by hapigood on April 10, 2018
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“For a public toilet this is clean, there is privacy but not completely enclosed. Pay for parking per 15 min. Increments at this park with accessible parking. :)”
“This is free-standing, really, the top of the line as far as what we want because they need to be indestructible,” Coun. Tina Lange said during the city’s budget meeting. Relief comes to Kamloops in the form of free-standing restrooms / Published in CBC British Columbia