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It would be better if the person outside would see it’s busy or not. (Occupied or vacant)  

Alyx – Google Review 5 Stars

Posted by hapigood on June 20, 2019
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Alyx left 5 stars rating.
5 out of 5 for taste

KION 5/46 – In-The-News Review

Posted by hapigood on March 28, 2019
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There’s a need for better, safer restroom facilities. We’ve had a number of complaints over the years and issues with keeping our restroom facilities clean and safe. The Portland Loo technology will help improve the experience for everybody,” said Monterey-Salinas Transit CEO, Carl Sedoryk. Renovations begin at Downtown Salinas Transit Center / Published in Koin 5/46
“They don’t have attendants, but they’re very, very challenging to abuse, so to speak,” Lowe said. “The hand-washing station is on the outside. It has a louvered bottom, so you can see if someone is in distress or if there’s more than one person inside. It allows privacy for the user, but at the same time a little bit of surveillance from the outside.” Author “No Place to Go” Mt. Lebanon library program to feature