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“Nice spot for rideshare drivers”  
“It seems to have got a lot of the design aspects of a great public washroom right,” said Mayor Taylor Bachrach, in explaining the decision from the community’s finance committee. It’s been called the perfect public toilet and the best toilet in Canada and now Smithers, B.C., is getting its very own Portland Loo.” “Canada’s best toilet” being installed in Smithers, BC / Published in CBC British Columbia
“It is an innovative solution to a seemingly universal problem. ” Portland, Oregon, spent $250,000 to reinvent the public toilet – and it worked / Published in Business Insider
““You get just enough privacy,” said Johnson. “Based on Portland’s experience, this public toilet doesn’t just work well for homeless people — it works well for everybody.”” After embarrassment, Seattle finds public toilet that’s just right / Published in The Seattle Times
“Cintas’ spokesman Rod Farquharson said the Victoria Loo isn’t known for being lavish, but the stainless steel, unisex toilet provides an eco-friendly, convenient and free service that appealed to the most voters. “This is probably one of the quirkiest contests to follow, but you can’t deny that there is a strong relationship in business success between offering a clean, friendly, convenient washroom that’s accessible to customers, and in this case, to the community,” he said.